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BLM Artwork (Black Lives Matter)

Artist Frederick A. Vance is responsible for this incredible Masterpiece. With all of the Chaos going on in the world he decided to make a positive impact on the BLM community and dedicate this Artwork to all of the Black Kings and Queens we have lost and who have made a difference in this country (U.S). When Frederick creates drawings he focuses on the visual and let the viewers focus On the meanings. His long time friend and Creative writer Whom empowers him to Draw; Nydia Madera shared a few thoughts.

“Now this is totally a different feel from your other creations. This one is uplifting & sad at the same time. It’s bittersweet because in these moments of unrest and so much chaos going on around just about everywhere, Chadwick & Kobe not only brings out from deep within the grief of their untimely death, but it also brings out the beautiful memories of their exceptionally good existence. I’m experiencing the grief but not the anger. Your previous creations acknowledges the injustice, the cruelty, and the sorrow of black lives being taken away by men of law choosing to be lawless and inhumane. But Frederick, this is a beautiful tribute to them. I find this piece to be touching and powerful like they were. This is special! They both must be smiling down on you and humbly grateful in knowing that they inspired you to create this tribute horroring their lives and their legacies. And what legacies they left for us. They both were caretakers, positive leaders, men of faith (Kobe attended Mass prior to boarding that helicopter), gentlemen of great dignity and pride, loyal, fine husbands and great fathers. The list is endless. They are known to us by Chadwick’s outstanding acting skills & Kobe’s exceptional playing of basketball. You know no one can never know the authentic version of a person but these two souls were pretty real to us and more importantly, to themselves”. ( Nydia Madeira)

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