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Finding Your Purpose

God has placed each human being on this earth for a purpose: to help others. There are many different ways to do so. You can help someone become more fashionable and confident in herself, as City Sass NYC is doing. You can educate others. You can help someone attain better health or better finances. You can help elevate someone’s mood by sharing your musical or artistic gifts. Each person can help others ascend spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

To find your path to helping others, you can take a long look at yourself. What are your likes and dislikes? What are you passionate about? What are you good at doing? What is the one thing that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? Finding that one thing that drives you is the key to finding your purpose. For me, it is creating. Whether it’s writing or producing short films and videos, I realized that I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings, hoping it will inspire others. Your gifts and talents can reach people in unique ways. Exercise them and find an outlet to share them with the public.

The next thing to do is to practice and study your gifts and talents. The old adage, “Practice makes perfect,” is extremely accurate. Make time each day to study or practice. The more time you put into your passion, the better you will become at it. When you work on your passion, it will become second nature. It’s important to remember that you are only in competition with yourself. Do not compare yourself to others, for it will be detrimental to your development. Just work on becoming the best you that you can ever be.

As you master your passion, it’s important to find a squad who will help you live in your purpose. Your squad will encourage you, correct you, and provide you with resources that will help you along the way. Be wary of people who are overly critical and negative. They should be kept at a distance. Your squad will remain positive, even when there are tough times. Reach out to them often. Share your thoughts and feelings with them. Remember that no person is an island. You need people to accompany you on your journey.

There may be some people that will discourage you from your passion. When there are haters, that is usually an indication that you are on the right path. Some people also have a vision on what you should be in life. Don’t listen to them. God has created you for His unique purpose. It’s important to connect with Him to ensure that you are heading in the right direction. You can also refer to your squad, who will give you the right counsel and will push you to pursue your passion.

When you have found your passion, have worked hard at it, and have found your squad, you will seek opportunities. Whether that’s in the form of a service, a career, or a business, you will search for open doors. Some may close in your face. Some may open, but it may not be the right door. Remain persistent and the right doors will open. The study and the practice do not stop when you have an opportunity. They continue so that you can be the best doctor, lawyer, musician, or artist you can ever be. Next to consistency and tenacity, an important attribute to have is humility. It’s been said that your gifts and talents can take you to the top, but your character will keep you there. Remain humble and those doors will continue to be opened on your behalf. Once opportunities knock on your door, help others along the way. Join a squad and provide guidance to someone who is headed down a similar path. If you can open a door for them, do so. Remember that your purpose on earth is to help others. That includes giving someone a chance to succeed.

Never believe that it is too late to achieve your purpose. I am forty-one years old and I am still walking towards my purpose. There are countless stories of people who have found their purpose at a later age. The journey never stops until you stop breathing. Each person on earth has a purpose. We are all given unique gifts to provide others with inspiration, knowledge, assistance, and opportunities. It’s up to all of us to find our passion, work hard at perfecting it, acquire as much knowledge as possible, and work with others to walk in our purpose. When you perfect your knowledge and skills, doors will open. You will experience fulfillment in working on your passion and helping others. It’s what God created us to do: to help others by using the unique gifts and talents that He has blessed us with. Find your purpose and fulfill it.

Rana Cocklin Instagram: @brownparkproductions

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